Tired of Overpaying For Modest Dresses in Canada?

Colossal Black Kaftan
Are you tired of searching different shops trying to find a decent, modest dress that isn't so darn expensive? If so, you're like the rest of the team and me here at Modest Forever Canada. That's why we are happy to offer Muslim women all over Canada affordable modest dresses from abayas to maxi dresses to kaftans that won't give you and your bank account a headache. We offer many different styles and colours, so you can be confident you can find a dress perfect for any special occasion ranging from an evening out with your friends, prom, formal office party, graduation, and so much more.


If you're like me, you've probably asked your family and friends to bring you back some nice affordable clothes from their trip to Pakistan or India or whatever country you are from. We hope that moving forward, you will find all the modest garments you need at our store without having to fuss over high prices.


Our Collection of Modest Dresses In Canada

Peach Bohemian Maxi Dress

At Modest Forever Canada, we offer a wide variety of Islamic dresses. Below is a brief sample of the different types of dresses we offer.


  • Summer Dresses

Our maxi dresses and kaftans are perfect for those long summer days when you're hanging out with friends and family. Whether you are looking for a navy dress or a red dress, we've got you covered. Our maxi dresses and kaftans come in various colours and styles.


  • Formal Dresses

For more formal wear, we offer an excellent selection of formal abayas that are great for both traditional and casual occasions.


  • Fall Coats

For those chilly, mild autumn days, we have the perfect modest abaya coats for you. Not only will you look fashionable and warm, but you will also remain modest. Our coats come in different materials, such as cotton, denim, and corduroy.


Why Should You Choose Us For Your Islamic Fashion Needs?


Follow Islamic Guidelines For Clothes

One of the many reasons you should consider us is that our dresses and accessories follow Islamic guidelines regarding dressing modestly. You may be wondering what the requirements are when it comes to wearing modest dresses in Islam. Below I'll try my best to answer this commonly asked question.


What is considered a modest dress?

This can be a tricky question as Islamic fashion has been influenced by various factors like economic status, ethnicity, different cultures among Muslim countries, location, and so on. The general view is that for clothing to be considered modest, it should show less skin, have long sleeves, a modest neckline, and should cover the hair. This could mean an elegant long kaftan dress, a headscarf, or an ankle-length abaya. It could be any clothing that does not go against the basic idea of modesty described above.


These guidelines may make it challenging for Muslim women to find trendy and modest clothing. Fortunately, Modest Forever is proud to offer Muslim women stylish Islamic dresses that can make them feel both beautiful and humble.


Great Experience & Easy Return Policy

Another reason you should consider us for your modest needs is that we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a great and smooth experience throughout the buying process. We know that with online shopping, it can be hard to tell if you are selecting the correct size without trying on the clothes. That is why we offer a friendly 7-day return policy from when you receive your product. If, for any reason, you don't like the fitting or dress, feel free to reach out to us, and we'll initiate the return or exchange process for you. As a general rule, please view our size chart before you checkout so you can be more confident you select the size that best fits you.


Free Shipping

The third reason you should consider us is that we offer free shopping all across Canada to make your online shopping experience as smooth as possible.

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